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Raina Sloan

Reverend, Author, and Reiki Master.


The very essence of Raina’s book is to take you on “A Closer Walk with God”, and to reveal the characteristics of God so that you can choose to live them in your life. As you contemplate each insight you will be embracing the truth of it. As you relate with others demonstrating these truths, perhaps they too will go on to embrace them, and so it will be, on and on.

Reverend Raina is an interfaith minister who embraces the different religions and cultures with clarity and love. She understands it is spirituality that makes us one and religion that beautifully diversifies us.

You are the author of your life. If you have an idea of a purposeful and meaningful event you would like to design, come let me create with you.

~Reverend Raina Sloan




Further studies have lead Raina to becoming a Reiki master. Reiki is intangible, invisible, formless, not of the senses, and is experienced by remaining in the moment allowing ourselves to just be. It manifests as health, joy, spontaneity, vitality, radiance, contentment and more. It is a powerful adjunct and may be an alternative to traditional methods. Each way has a right place and time.


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