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Raina Sloan

Reverend, Author, and Reiki Master.


Raina has studied and attended many seminars of some of the world’s most well know spiritual leaders. While Raina embraces God first and foremost, moment by moment, she brings many of the teachings of these world renowned pastors and cherished others to her life as well. Reverend Raina is an ordained interfaith minister who embraces the different religions and cultures with clarity and love. She understands it is spirituality that makes us one and religion that beautifully diversifies us.

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Her life has been one of diversification with talents from corporate management/ marketing for several fortune 500 companies to executive head hunting for one of the world’s largest firms. As a Rotarian she headed up committees for large fund raising events. In addition, Raina was a partner in a small company that presented seminars to help individuals and companies establish and nurture their life mission. Further studies have lead her to becoming a Reiki Master. She was honored to study Reiki with a 5th generation Reiki Master, Reverend Hannelore Goodwin in Doylestown,PA. Three beautiful daughters have graced Raina’s life and revealed to her the wisdom that for every child to experience God on the greatest level possible is a necessity of life. Raina has a passion to touch the world in a positive and enlightened way. She fervently strives to live her mission; to reflect, to give of and to serve from the light within, on every breath of her journey.