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Raina Sloan

Reverend, Author, and Reiki Master.

Book Preface

Copyright © 2011 Raina Sloan All rights reserved.

Often as a small child, author Raina Sloan would sense a presence within her. This feeling would come to her as she was walking along with nature. She would sense that she was never alone, but she had no idea what this meant. What she innately knew was that she would always be protected. She could not explain it at the time, but when a seemingly fearful event would happen in her life or around her, this little voice would say, "You will be okay."

It wasn’t until later in life, after facing many more trials than tribulations, that she became enlightened to what this voice is. The Divine connection. Raina began to commune with this voice and as time went on she learned of her inexplicable oneness with God. She had an even deeper awareness, that just to know and experience this presence from time to time was not enough. She longed for it to be the integral part of her life. As she lay in bed one morning she asked herself the compelling question… what would I have told my parents would be important in raising me if I could have spoken with them before coming into the world? And the voice she had become so familiar with came to her, without conscious thought, and hence herold “A Closer Walk with God”.

To actually embrace and to live all the characteristics of God in one's life would by its very nature bring the greater love, the greater joy and on and on that she so thirsted for, and so intimately came to know. In "A Closer walk with God," Raina shares her contemplations of life touching on every facet from love to forgiveness, compassion and gratitude and so many more. Each poetic reflection is accompanied by an inspirational image that represents each thought.

The very essence of the book is to take you on “A Closer Walk with God”, and to reveal the characteristics of God so that you can choose to live them in your life. As you contemplate each insight you will be embracing the truth of it. As you relate with others demonstrating these truths, perhaps they too will go on to embrace them, and so it will be, on and on.