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Raina Sloan

Reverend, Author, and Reiki Master.


I love the words.  It was wonderful healing for me . . . . . . Barbara – Collegeville


It is pure, simple and profound . . . .  Carole – Wilkes Barrre


Perfect for my bed side table to read an insight each night before closing my eyes . . .

Nettie – Poconos


I love the way the pictures match the contemplations . . . Vic – Alabama


Absolutely  wonderful.  The part I like best is that children need this guidance to nurture their journey with God . .  . .Sarah – Vermont


Its truly inspirational and it touches the soul . . . Mary Trevose

I felt so uplifted just glancing through the pages .  . .  . Debra- Philadelphia


Pearls of wisdom, A wonderful work it is no small thing to leave behind a gift that will transcend our individual lives The tribute to the people of Katrina was very touching. . . .

Doug – Minneapolis


I breezed through your book and was truly amazed I am excited to begin my journey of the entire book . . .Lori- Conshohocken


What a gift to take on vacation  I had time to read, reflect and enjoy each page.  It is beautiful . . . Annamaria – Bluebell


Your book is marvelous and masterful.  From so little comes so much.  I was expecting something amazing and it is so much more.  Rich – Bluebell


Your book is exquisite and the quality impeccable I am so impressed with your wisdom and insights . . . Patti- CA





Reader Comments

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"Raina Sloan is a very committed and admirable person in sincere pursuit of spiritual attainment. These collective insights are her gift of love to humanity and I am sure every reader will discover or enhance that hidden splendor that resides within the essence of each Divine Beloved. This book is simple enough to fulfill a child's spiritual longing and yet profound enough to uplift, nurture, and inspire the soul of any adult. It is a treasure that emerged out of humanity's yearning for Divine nurturing and spiritual awakenings. 'A Closer Walk with God' is truly today's manna."

~Pastor Ian Taylor, Minister


"This book is timely and profound. Raina's transparency and acceptance of the dignity of all people crosses bridges into every culture and heart. The Bible says, 'As a man thinketh, so is he,' and opportunity and responsibility to shape and 'in the image of God' atmosphere. A book of wonder nuggets."

~Pastor Dewey Friedel, Shore Christian Center Church in Allenwood, NJ


"I, as you, believe that God is and will always be the answer. When people pay attention to the simplicities of God's words they will understand forever. The book will be a cross over for all races, creeds and nationalities who are dismayed and confused. New parents can use this book as their lifetime treasure to nurture their child's life. Very few books are as clear and yet so pure and simple to understand. The Lord placed in my heart the importance for this book to be translated into the Spanish language."

~Pastor Alberto M. Delgado, The Alpha and The Omega Church in Miami, FL


"Your book is very thought provoking and powerful! I really believe that it will have a major impact for you have caught the concept of family. Projects of this magnitude need to be exposed."

~Pastor Steve Brock, Steve Brock Ministry