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Raina Sloan

Reverend, Author, and Reiki Master.

A Closer Walk with God, A Guided Journey


Author Raina Sloan contemplates the many characteristics of God through these pages and provides us with twenty-three beautiful insights such as Inner Beauty, Wholeness, Patience, Joy, Gratitude, and many others.

"It is your divine birthright to know God intimately. Come, take a closer walk with God through the pages of this book. Live thecharacteristics of God as revealed within. They will bring you to a grander realization of your oneness with the Supreme. I wish you great joy on this journey." ~ Reverend Raina Sloan

Makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Give "A Closer Walk with God" as a gift  to a close friend, recent graduate, or family member and share these powerful words of wisdom and spiritual contemplations.

With beautiful, hand selected images, this book makes an excellent coffee table piece or simply place it on your night stand and enjoy its soothing words before retiring for the evening.

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